M 024

PAMASOL Filling Production line

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Production line for aerosol filling, closing, labelling and cartoning. The line is only suitable for chemical use, not for cosmetic or pharma use.


# Manufacturer Model Description Year Tech Specs
PAMASOL 33200 Can feeding table 1998
PAMASOL 2018/6-001-006 Product filler (liquid) with 6 filling stations, piston filler without recirulation pipe 1988
Max. filling capacity 300 ml
PAMASOL 2047-500 Valve sorter 1988
PAMASOL 2002 Crimpstation 6-stations 1988
PAMASOL 2018/6-011-006 Gas filler with 6 stations 1988
Max. filling capacity 200 ml
PAMASOL ECO 120R Watherbath 1988
LANGGURTH E212/R-210 Hotmelt-Labeller 2008
PAMASOL 2025/24 Spray head tripper 1988
PAMASOL 2046-200/0001 Cap sorter 2007
PAMASOL 2033/20 Cap tripper 1988
HERMA 132 M Adhesive-labeller 2011
TRANSNOVE RUF V230/56 Carton packer 2004


Technical data:
Can volume: 75 ml – 400 ml
Output max. 120 cans/min
Max. can diameter 58 mm
Change parts availabe for can diameter: 40 mm – 45 mm – 53 mm – 58 mm

The production line can work with tinplate and aluminium cans.

Machines of this plant of year 1988 do not possess an EG-conformity declaration/CE mark. The plant is built in Ex-protection (no ATEX!) in the areas filling active substance and exposure to gas. Air was sucked out of the zones continuously and monitored. The installed sensors made Tippkemper are approved for the Ex-zones. The plant was yearly approved by the German TÜV. Line can be inspected in dismantled condition.


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M 024 – PAMASOL Filling Production line

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