Solutions for the decoration of metal packaging


Hochbach is the sole provider of the world renowned HOLAC range for interior and exterior coatings as well as side seam protection lacquers (liquid and powder) for:

Coatings and Lacquers
  • 3-piece cans for all types of use
  • Deep-drawn cans
  • All kinds of cases (e.g. for biscuits, cigars, pens)
  • Crown corks
  • Screw caps for bottles
  • Lug caps for glasses and bottles
  • Aluminium tubes and monobloc cans

Printing Inks

Mix any desired colour and significantly reduce ink costs with our highly economical mixing system.

Printing Inks
  • Conventional printing inks for metal sheets
  • UV printing inks for metal sheets
  • Conventional printing inks for tubes and monobloc cans

Sealing compounds

We offer tailor made HOLAC solutions for all forms of packaging and content:

  • Water based sealing compounds
    • For cans and buckets
  • Sealants for metal lids
    • As compound or granulates
    • PVC based or PVC free
  • Sealants for aluminium tubes

Printing Accessories

We offer all accessories necessary for everyday use and advise on best possible options for you to get highest quality print from your machine.

Printing requirements and accessories
  • Detergents
  • Printing plates and reprographic chemicals
  • Printing blankets
  • Fountain solutions


Speak with one of our experts to explore innovative solutions for great printing results, ensuring a long service life of your equipment.

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